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Week 66 of the NPLC was brought to you by the number 66! As I stated in an earlier post I’m still working on getting my spreadsheet back to accurate so this week I used a polish I recently bought.
The Nail Polish Lottery Club has been going for 66 weeks now and it is a lot of fun, if you’re like me and you have a lot of nail polish, some of it un-tried. To participate, make a numbered list of your un-tried nail polish. Each Monday at 1pm PST, I pick a new number using 1-365 at Random.org. The numbers can be manipulated however needed so that you then try a polish you own but have never worn.
I know everyone has their own way of making their sheets, using the numbers and defining un-tried nail polish. My definition of an un-tried, is a polish I may have swatched and photographed but never worn as a day to day manicure. We use numbers 1-365 so sometimes the number chosen will be more than the number of polish you have in your collection, that is when the manipulation of the numbers works. For instance, this week was #66, you could use #12 (6+6=12) or #3 (1+2=3).
It’s all very simple and lots of fun. For more information or to join along visit our Facebook page here. This is where you will also find a complete list of guidelines, which explain things way better than I can.

Candid Affair from Wet n Wild Mega Last. This is a new, Limited Edition from Wet n Wild Mega Last, which after months and months of the same color options at the drug store, it was so nice to see some new colors from this line.

I bought the 2 nail polishes circled in the photo and the eyeshadow pallete called “Flirting at the After Party”.

Wet n Wild is an incredibly nice eyeshadow, for a drug store brand. The colors are rich, stay true to the pan color and I find they stay on fairly well, again for a drug store brand.
These are all Limited Edition which can be a hard to find. You can tell the LE status from the white packaging.

WnW Mega Last came out number 1 in my list of nail polish by brand comparison I did last summer. One of the reasons was the pricing. I used price as a factor which moved a lot of the drug store brands up the list, but even so I compared the drug store brands equally to higher end polish using formula, dry time, colors, bottle and brush design and WnW Mega Last held its own.
WnW Mega Last nail polish has a nice workable formula. Not to thick, self levels, dry time is pretty fast. Any time there is a sheen or shimmer in the bottle, it almost always translates to the nails. The brush is a wide flat brush. My favorite kind! I know some don’t like this brush but if you wipe the brush on all sides you can use it as a normal size brush.
Candid Affair is a soft lilac color with a bit of a sheen. The photos are 3 thin coats with a fast dry top coat. This was needed to cover VNL, but if you don’t mind a bit of visible nail line, 2 coats work great.
If you can find this collection, I suggest you picking it up. . For less than $10 you would be set for Spring. What is better on nails during Spring then a soft lilac? Or a soft silver/gray? Both work and both are right on trend for this Spring.

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!>

(Some of the colors featured in today’s post have been sent to me for review. Some of them were purchased by my self when I was able to find them from my little town!)

Artful Dodger from butter LONDON is one of my very favorite nail polish colors. The fact that it is from butter London only makes me love it all the more. Yes, I have a thing for the brand. Not only is their formula, brushes, bottle design, dry time, and unique colors one of the best out there, but I love the fact that BL is a cruelty free company. Not only are they a cruelty free company but so are their suppliers. I do not think that fact is one that is talked about enough.
I could not pick just one color as a favorite from butter LONDON so I will show you the rest of my “Top 5 (or 8) Favorites”






FINAL THOUGHTS: on butter LONDON “My Top 5 Favorites”: I don’t own a whole lot of BL brand but the colors I do have are unique to my other brands/colors. I do own a lot of nail polish and for the most part, if there is a color I like from ABC nail polish company, I can usually find a close enough dupe from XYZ nail polish company. I appreciate their unique colors, and I admire their choice as a company to be cruelty free. The retail price is $15 per bottle, but I have seen sales, usually at Nordstrom.
Well worth the price, IMO.
Have you tried butter LONDON ? What do you think? Which is your favorite color?

(Some of the colors featured in today’s post have been sent to me for review. Some of them were purchased by my self when I was able to find them from my little town!)

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!>

The number for this week was 79, I have a confession to make regarding the numbers. My google spreadsheet quit working for me quite some time ago. My friend Diana sent the original to me, and between my health issues and her being on holiday I haven’t had a chance to ask how I can fix it. I have just been using my nail polishes willy nilly, no rhyme nor reason. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
It’s not nearly as much fun as the Nail Polish Lottery Club and I hope to be back on track this week. (I think I have a plan to fix the problem, remember I said I think).
If you would like more information about the club, please go to our Facebook page here. We’d love to have you, all are welcome!
Now for this weeks “pick”

Porchester Square from Nails, Inc GEL NAIL POLISH EFFECT . This is a fairly new line from Nails, Inc claiming the benefits of a gel manicure, without the gel or the special light needed for curing the polish. The bottle says it has a new ‘plasticizer’ technology and it allows for plumping of the nail. I’m not sure about the plumping part, or why that would be a selling point, but I absolutely love the idea of a gel polish without the fuss. 😘

Porchester Square is a great color. Nails, Inc sells this color in their regular line too. It’s one of my favorite types of colors, a mushroom taupe-y color that I think is a neutral and can be worn for all occasions. I would wear this for a job interview, without hesitation.

The formula on this was nice and smooth, easy to apply. The bottle is small, .27 ounce, but the brush was not too tiny for my big ‘ol nail beds. People with smaller nail beds will really like this brush.
These pictures are all 2 coats with a quick dry top coat. If I really wanted I could have used only 1 coat, a thicker application would be needed but coverage for this polish is awesome. I prefer to use thinner coats and I guess I’ve just made it a habit to always show 2 coats on my blog.

I have been trying out a few of these “gel effect” nail polishes to see how they hold up over time. I will have a post coming soon comparing the “gel effect” and showing the time frame each have for wear. I think it will be interesting and I’m curious to see how this one holds up. Stay tuned!

FINAL THOUGHTS: Nails, Inc GEL EFFECT polish has a nice formula, great coverage, easy to apply and I think the color is pretty. So far so good, but time will tell!

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

Carbonite from Revlon is one of my favorite Revlon nail polishes. (It is a dupe for CHANEL Graphite). Carbonite is not part of the regular line and can be hard to find. The good news is, you can often find Carbonite at dollar stores, Ross, T J Maxx, Big Lots and Grocery Outlets. I’ve found this one packaged in Revlon 4-packs at most of these discount stores.

These pictures are 2 coats of polish with a top coat. I like Carbonite best with no top coat. Without a top coat the sparkle shines through and is a bit matte. So pretty!

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

Candy Shock from the I Scream, You Scream LE Collection from Catrice is a perfect Spring pastel color. This is a light, light lavender with a small pearl shimmer. As with most Catrice nail polishes with a shimmer, it does transfer to the nail,beautifully.

The formula for this polish was easy to work with, even though the first coat was a bit streaky it was completely opaque and smooth with the second coat.
This one definitely needed a second coat, as advised on the bottle. One of the things I like about this brand. You know going in if it’s a one coater or two.

FINAL THOUGHTS ON CATRICE AS POLISH OF THE MONTH: Catrice is a German brand of polish that can be tricky to find. I did not check eBay but I’m sure you will find some there. Catrice is available at the Ninja website for $10 per bottle.
Catrice is a great brand, another one of those brands that I wished was more readily available in this country. I hope you get a chance to try it, and if so, please let me know what you think!

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

May from CHANEL is definetly one of my Top 5 Favorites of all time.
This was a Limited Edition collection released for Spring/Summer of 2012. Along with May, CHANEL also released April and June as part of the S/S line for that year.

May has been an all time favorite for me since it’s release and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I think it is the perfect pink, for me.
I don’t have a dead on dupe for May, but I do have a very close one:

Candy-Licious from Wet n Wild Mega Last is very close to May. I can tell the slightest of difference so I don’t call it a dead on dupe but nevertheless it is very close to being a dupe for May.


If I had to give up all my polish but one, I honestly believe May is the one polish I would keep. I love it that much.

Have you tried May? If so, please let me know what you think.

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

(Items in this post were provided to me for review. I was not asked to write about or recommend this product. All opinions are my own.)
Tafetta and Teal Blue in the Satin Glam line from Sally Hansen is a new line, with colors on trend for this Spring and beyond.
I chose the purple (Tafetta ) and the blue (Teal Blue) to wear together because I think they look great together and I could not decide which one to wear first.
The formula for these are thin and application takes some thought. You need to be careful to avoid pooling in the cuticles, along with bald spots. I found thin layers to work the best. Normally my pictures are always 2 coats but with this polish I used 3 very thin coats, no top coat. The brush is a normal brush with a longer than usual handle which can cause the polish to drip down the handle while applying. It is also important to let each coat dry thoroughly between layers. With patience your results will be gorgeous and you will not be sorry. I wore this polish for 5 plus days. After 5 days there was no sign of wear, not even on the tips. Removal was also a bit tricky, but again patience wins out. Hold the remover on your nail for just a few seconds longer than usual and it comes right off.

The first picture was taken in full sunlight, the second indoors. I apologize for my shitty low quality iPad camera as I tried to capture the sparkle of the Satin Glam, with not very good results.
When this polish dries, it is a matte finish with sparkle. Sounds like an oxymoron but it is so true. Even on overcast days,the sparkle shows through. I love the contrast of the matte and the sparkle. I hope you will try this line so you may experience just how pretty this polish is! Sally Hansen nail polishes are very affordable and available at most drug stores.

FINAL THOUGHTS: for the new line of Satin Glam nail polish from Sally Hansen . The Satin Glam line includes a full range of colors. The colors are great and on trend for right now, Spring 2014, and beyond. I try not to use the word “love” too much but I honestly am in love with the Satin Glam line. Once I learned to have patience with application this was a perfect polish. The finish is so interesting to me, and of course the sparkle is my favorite part! The sparkle is very subtle yet amazing. This is one of those nail polishes you will be admiring while you drive, it is that pretty! Please be careful while driving!
If you do try this line, I hope you will let me know what you think!
(Items in this post were provided to me for review. I was not asked to write about or recommend this product. All opinions are my own.)

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!


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