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(This bottle was sent to me by a PR firm for my review. I was not asked to write about it, I was not asked to submit any reviews prior to publishing. All opinions are my own.)

Black Onyx from the Satin Glam line of Sally Hansen is the perfect pick for today, Black Friday.

Today is my first day wearing this and I must admit this is a bit of a high maintenance polish, as far as application is concerned. If you can achieve full coverage with one coat then do that. I tried my usual 2 thin coats but learned to apply a coat of polish, let it dry thoroughly before applying the next coat. This worked great.

I did not use a top coat because I like the satin finish. You could use a matte top coat but that would still compromise the satin finish, in my opinion.

I received lots of compliments on my nails today, everyone asked where I got it. As you know Sally Hansen is a brand that is widely available. Try the Satin Glam line, I think you will like it, I know I do!

Join me on www.twitter.com/JudiT4029 as I am going start posting my Nail of the Day (NOTD) and I would love for you to post yours as well. I think it will be fun to see what every one is wearing. I know I love seeing that, maybe you will too?

(This bottle was sent to me by a PR firm for my review. I was not asked to write about it, I was not asked to submit any reviews prior to publishing. All opinions are my own.)

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As most of you know my beautiful Mom passed away in July of 2013. Some days it seems like a lifetime ago and then days Ike today it seems like last week.
One of my favorite times with her was giving her manicures. I did this once a week as she had the fastest growing fingernails of anyone I ever saw. She always had the most beautiful nails. After her seizures she just wanted them cut back with a no muss, no fuss approach so that is what I did. I would brings several bottles of nail polish for her to pick out and she always liked the brightest colors. I think it was because she had glaucoma and. macular-degeneration, so the bright colors were easiest for her to see .
Here are are her favorites:

Barry M Bright Pink was one of her favorites. She often remarked on how well it lasted. Her most favorite color was purple.



She especially liked the Catrice brand out of Germany, which is a great polish and if you have a chance to pick so up I hope you do. Mom’s favorite was “Heavy Metallilac” and “Even More Heavy Metalilac”, which are both a gorgeouse purple duo-chrome. Thank you to my friend Carla for sending these to me. I also love Heavy Metalilac but can’t quite bring myself to wear it just yet. Soon…

Since the nut doesn’t far too far away from the tree, she also loved her some CHANEL polish…




The other thing my Mom loved was her kids and Grandkids. She wore this one for her great-granddaughter Audrey. She would often times ask me to bring this one for her. More for the name than the color. As you probably know this is called “For Audrey” from China Glaze. This was made to be the exact color of a Tiffany’s box.

Although Mom wasn’t there for Jilly’s wedding, she was in spirit. She helped Jilly decide which polish to wear. Not only did Jilly wear this polish but she had all her bridal wear it as well. I think it was a great choice.








(This item was sent to me for review. It comes in a kit, the lipstick and a mini size of the polish. I was not asked to write about it. All opinions are my own.)
SexyBack from Deborah Lippmann is a pretty, shiny pink almost red color. I like this color a lot, it must have some blue undertones to it because I think it looks great with my skin tone.

Deborah Lipmann’s Lipstick in SexyBack. This also is a bright, pretty pink lipstick. The lipstick doesn’t lean to the red as the nail polish does.
It goes on smooth, has a nice slip to it, feels great and has an expected staying power.


This is my NAIL OF THE DAY. What’s yours?

(This item was sent to me for review. It comes in a kit, the lipstick and a mini size of the polish. I was not asked to write about it. All opinions are my own.)

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This is Nubar Gem, a beige based multi-colored sparkler. Application is a breeze, as is removal. I get ahead of myself talking about removal. The colors are so pretty and sparkle-y that you really won’t want to take off for days
Back to application, full coverage is achieved with 2 coats. I like to do 2 thin coats and then I usually use a quick dry top coat. With this one I believe a good, less than thin, coat would achieve full coverage, no problem.
Gem is beige based multi-colored beauty that I would consider a neutral as it goes with everything. With all the different colors it’s almost like wearing a new polish every day. Be careful when driving … When the sun hits your nails just right it really is breath taking beautiful.

The other great thing about Nubar as a company, they are completely cruelty free. They do not test on animals nor do they purchase from affiliates who do. You can tell by the Dancing Bunny’ logo that appears on this bottle.
I also have an app for my phone which covers all sorts of cosmetics and household items and of course nail polish. Nubar is listed in the app as a 100% cruelty free company.

I live in such a small town I have had to purchase the few Newbar bottles I have through www.amazon.com. I have been pleased with the purchases I’ve made this way. The price I paid was $8-10 per bottle. Which for a cruelty free company is not a bad price, at all.

Do you have some Nubar polish? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comment section.

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(These products were sent to me for review. I was not asked or required to write about them. All opinions are my own.

This fall Deborah is tipping her hat to New York City calling this collection of 6 polishes “New York Marquee”. Inspired by 1940’s luxury and vintage fabrics, the new collections employs a new luxe chrome finish. Perfected by Deborah herself this formula offers complete coverage while remaining streak and chip free.

Lull-Bye-Broadway is a blush pink with the innovative luxe chrome finish. The formula goes on like a dream, and is easy to remove, not like some chrome finishes.

Take the ‘A’ Train is a soft pewter metal with the luxe chrome finish, it applies so smoothly, no streaks Coverage is great and this one wears like a dream. I wore this for 10 days with minimal tip wear. My new favorite silver polish!

Harlem Nocturne was a surprise to me. In the bottle it looked more gray but to my delight it is a navy blue. Again, application and removal was not an issue. These luxe chrome polishes from Deborah Lippmann are a dream formula. One of the reasons I like this brand so much, you always know what you will get, formula wise.
The complete Deborah Lippman Fall Collection: New York Marquee are:

TAKE THE β€œA” TRAIN – a pure pewter pleasure

AUTUMN IN NEW YORK – gleaming gold glaze

LULLABY OF BROADWAY- bashful blush bauble

12TH STREET RAG – metallic magenta

HARLEM NOCTURNE – intensified indigo ink

I’LL TAKE MANHATTAN – total teal temptress

Deborah Lippman Fall Collection: New York Marquee retails for $20 and can be found online at http://www.deborahlippmann.com and at
Barney’s, Neimnan Marcus, Nordstrom and Sephora stores nationwide.

This new luxe chrome formula is not like any I’ve tried. It applies like a dream, coverage is perfect, wears like iron and easy to remove. If you haven’t tried this new formula, you must as soon as you are able. I know I keep saying its a dream to work with, but it is!

(These products were sent to me for review. I was not asked or required to write about them. All opinions are my own.

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

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